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Week 7 Review

Written by Wendi


Well, that was fun.  Said. No. One. Ever.  What a great weekend of unbeatens battling it out.  Aside from two fluke plays, Michigan dominated Penn State from the very beginning.  They ran all over the 5th ranked run defense with 418 rushing yards.  Despite settling for a few field goals instead of touchdowns, the Wolverines beat Penn St. 41-17. 


Illinois is still proving they ARE the team to beat in the B1G West by beating Minnesota 26-14.  After starting 4-0, Minnesota has dropped their last 2 games.  Not sure if their QB got carted off the field in the 4th quarter due to injury or just got his feelings hurt. 


That TCU and Oklahoma State game sure was fun, wasn’t it?  After Oklahoma State jumped to a 24-7 lead in the 2nd quarter, most of us went ahead and wrote that game off…Until we flipped the channel back to that game.  TCU was down 24-13 at the half and it gave those that picked TCU a glimmer of hope.  TCU’s defense was able to hold the Cowboys’ offense to three field goals in the 2nd half and TCU was able to tie the score and head into OT.  End result, TCU won with a touchdown in 2OT 43-40.  This was just a start to the chaos that ensues later. 


So, what I want to know is, does the SEC just not play defense anymore?  Alabama and Tennessee had a combined 1,136 yards of offense and 101 points.  That was a typical old-fashioned Big 12 shootout.  I won’t address the elephant in the room (no pun intended), but that did not look like a Saban coached disciplined team.  17 penalties?  Just when you thought Bama was taking control of the game, penalties kept the Vols on the move.  I am just glad I was not in that locker room after the game.  FYI, I still think Tennessee isn’t that great.  "Road Bama” just showed up.  Oh and if anyone needs it, I have the link for the GoFundMe for Tennessee to replace the goal posts they threw in the Tennessee River if they want to donate.


Who would have thought that at this point of the season, Syracuse would still be unbeaten?  With NC State’s QB out for the season, you would have thought their defense would have stepped up to the plate as their defense isn’t half bad.  Syracuse proved to be too much to handle as the Orange went on to win 24-9. 


Now that KJ Jefferson is back at QB for Arkansas, their offense was able to keep pace and then some against the Cougars in Provo.  With three BYU turnovers, the Hogs won 52-35.  After a bye week this week, Arkansas will go visit Auburn.  Should be an interesting game.  Most likely on the picks. 


What. Happened. To. Mississippi. State’s. Offense?  Prior to Saturday, they outscored their last three opponents 127-55.  Mississippi State only accounted for 225 total yards and 17 points.  This game also had many penalties on both teams.  24 total penalties.  The Bulldogs travel to Tuscaloosa this weekend and better improve on offense to have somewhat of a fighting chance.


As North Carolina led 31-21 at the end of the third quarter, Duke scored back to back touchdowns that put them in the lead.  With sixteen seconds left in the game, the Tarheels we able to seal the win with a touchdown to end 38-35. 


As many of you slept, Utah had an upset win over undefeated USC.  What looked like a runaway game for USC, penalties kept the Utes alive.  After a late fourth quarter touchdown from Utah, the head coach made a gutsy call to go for the two point conversion instead of tying the game with an extra point to head into OT.  It typically doesn’t work out but in this case it did, and it only left 13 seconds on the board for USC which simply was not enough time to get downfield. 


And thanks to Sean and his Beavers, they went on to beat Washington State 24-10.  But, one point on them Sean?  Mike had more confidence in Oregon State than you did.  We still love you though.  So I am happy for your win. 


FUN FACT:  There are 9 unbeaten teams left in the FBS. 

On to the pick’ems….

That went well… if you were me. 

How does Stemple have a 50-point week and follow it up with a 16?  I bet he’s glad Michigan won.  Stemple has had two 50+ point weeks and somehow is in 8th place.  Don’t let the kids pass you. 

With Adam and David having a hellish week, I was able to get within three points from the lead and tie for second with Adam…and I’m in prime position to take first place this week.  Or at least that is the plan. 

At this point in the season, Samuel is only competing with Noah.  Sunday morning, I show him the updated scores.  He says excitedly "Let’s go, I’m 15 points ahead of Noah”.  Yes son, but you are still next to last. 

Cindy and Mike are trending up.  Mike grabbed the second highest points albeit at 30.  With 23 points off the lead, can Mike make a comeback?  I wouldn’t hold my breath.  Cindy needs Megan to tumble so she can squeeze into fourth place. 

Marc and Mom are still in unfamiliar territory as they are sitting in the middle towards the bottom.  It may be a challenge to work your way up, but a lot of bad things will need to happen to get into the top tier. 

We are now halfway through the regular season and it is going to start getting a lot harder to get ahead once you fall behind.   

Most points for the week:  I am still trying to figure out how, but I snagged 38 points with only two losses.  I need to work on point placement this week.   


Least points for the week:  Stemple had his low of the year with 16 points.  He will need a good week to get out of the gutter.  Don’t laugh mom, you weren’t far off. 

Best pick of the week:   For Marc and Noah to get the Kentucky pick, that meant a lot of us losing out on some big points. 

Worst pick of the week:  This was a tough week and none were really bad picks.  So, everyone is off the hook this week.  You’re welcome. 

Here are the rankings:

1.David -274 points

1..Adam - 271 points

2..Wendi - 271 points

3.Megan – 260 points

4.Cindie - 255 points

5.Mike - 251 points

6.Marc - 249 points

7.Evelyn - 247 points

8.Stemple - 246 points

9.Sean - 237 points

10.Sam - 220 points

11. Noah - 205 points


Good luck this week!  There is already a 69-point difference from first to last.