Oct 25
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Week 8 Review

Written by Wendi


I call this week "the week of the comeback games”, because at least half the games had a double-digit comeback win.


After multiple turnovers by DJ U and an ugly start to the game, Clemson quickly got behind 21-10 at the half.  DJ U was ultimately benched and Clemson’s defense was able to keep Syracuse scoreless in the second half.  The offense rallied around the backup and somehow as usual, Clemson found a way to win 27-21 in a thrilling fourth quarter. 


It’s funny, without Kansas’ starting quarterback Daniels being out the last several weeks, Kansas keeps losing.  They have lost the last three games after starting off 5-0.  This Cinderella story is definitely over.  Baylor went up to a 28-3 halftime lead.  Kansas came storming back with 20 unanswered points, but the Bears wanted no part in the comeback.  Baylor scored with over two minutes left and won 35-23. 


Whoever thought Miami was a good team, needs to quit watching football.  With eight turnovers, Duke was able to excitedly capitalize off of a majority of them.  I understand why the stands weren’t even half full.  Duke put a beat down on Miami 45-21.  I bet fans are wondering if Mario Cristobal was worth the hire? 


Texas Tech ran away with the game early on and never looked back.  Final was 48-10.  With four turnovers and 282 total yards, West Virginia was no match for the potent Red Raiders’ offense.  Quietly chuckling (I am sure of it), Adam had to have been excited Texas went up 31-17 late in the third quarter.  But, in typical Big 12 fashion, Oklahoma State came roaring back and won 41-34 in a thriller.  Then I called Adam and he said he had a bye week.  No folks, not as in Florida State not playing… but that he had a bye week from just watching football.  Is that even a thing?


Speaking of Big 12 comeback, how about those Horned Frogs.  Ok, so that does not sound intimidating at all.  After being down 28-18 at the half, TCU never looked back after outscoring Kansas State 21-0 in the last half of the game to remain the only unbeaten team in the conference. 


The unbeaten UCLA Bruins marched into Eugene expecting a win.  Bo Nix probably had the best game of his entire career (even at Auburn).  After a slow start for both offenses at the end of the first quarter, it was off to the races.  Bo Nix (who likes to throw pick sixes), accounted for five touchdowns in Oregon’s 45-30 win. 


I guess it is time to disembark from the fast-moving "Lane Train”.  Boy did they fall flat against an improving LSU team.  Ole Miss jumped to an early 17-3 lead but struggled offensively after that.  LSU’s defense got stingy and kept them scoreless in the second half and LSU went on to win 45-20.  LSU has a bye week this week and will host Alabama on November 5th.  Is it possible, Bama will lose a second game?


After a drumming last week at Michigan, Penn State looked to bounce back against Minnesota in a "White-Out”.  It didn’t take long to see that Penn State was the better team.  The sad part was when they announced Clifford was the starting QB at the beginning of the game, he got booed by the 107k+ fans in the stands.  He went on to throw four touchdown passes and won outright 45-17.  I bet he had the last laugh on that. 


With Cunningham back at the helm for Louisville, the Cardinals beat Pittsburgh 24-10.  Even though Pitt dominated in TOP, total yards, and first downs, they had four turnovers that were costly. 



On to the pick’ems….

To quote from last week "How does Stemple have a 50 point week and follow it up with a 16?”  Well you follow up with another low week with 33 points.  I mean are you even trying?  Bet those friendly calls with David aren’t so friendly anymore huh?

After Adam’s "bye” week of watching football, he just couldn’t seem to get things to go his way and finished towards the bottom tied with Megan at 38 points for the week…it cost him second place and he now sits in third.  Sean seems to like staying in the gutter.  Sean, would you rather win money at pick’ems or have your Beavers win?  My guess is on the Beavers winning. 

Mom and Marc still seem to be mirroring each other’s picks.  Unfortunately, for them, it is not working out this year.  Mike and Cindy are trending up and are fighting for 4th place thanks to Megan not having the best week.  Can Mike make the comeback?  I mean he is in Big 12 country. 

Somehow, both kids seem to have beaten six adults this week.  When that happens, all hope is lost and you deserve to lose.  Ok not really but it doesn’t look good. 

I had a conversation a week ago with David and it went something like this:

Me: Hey David, I have my 8-10 points picked.  10 on Clemson, 9 on Duke and 8 on Baylor.

David: I wouldn’t pick Duke and definitely not 9 points on them.  I got 7 on Miami if that tells you anything.

Me: Miami sucks David

David: Yeah but they are favored to win

Me: That means nothing to me. 


Ok so maybe the last of it may not be word for word but he did tell me not to put 9 on Duke.  I’m trying to win David.  I am not listening to you.  You are my competitor. 

And after the week ended I am in first place with a one point different.  How is that 7 points on Miami looking?

Most points for the week:  For the second week in a row, I was at the top with 49 points, which also put me in the lead overall.  It seems like the harder the picks, the better I do?


Least points for the week:  Even though 33 isn’t that bad of a score, it put Stemple in this category for the second week in a row.  If you wanted to babysit the kids, you could have just asked.

Best pick of the week:   With Mike putting his points on LSU, many of us lost out on some big points.  He also had the second highest points for the second week in a row.  This seems to be a trend with this whole "two weeks in a row” thing. 


Worst pick of the week:  Megan, if you wanted to go for the upset, I would suggest going lower than 7 on Minnesota.  With their starting QB out, I don’t think they really had a chance. 

Here are the rankings:

1.Wendi - 320 points

2.David - 319 points

3.Adam - 309 points

4.Cindie - 298 points

4.Megan - 298 points

5.Mike - 297 points

6.Marc - 289 points

7.Evelyn - 286 points

8.Stemple - 279 points

9.Sean - 272 points

10.Sam - 261 points

11. Noah - 249 points


Good luck this week!  There is a 71-point difference from first to last.