Oct 31
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Happy Halloween

Written by Wendi


Halloween sure did come early for Oklahoma State.  I mean how in the heck did they faceplant and leave the game with a big fat ZERO on the scoreboard. The Cowboy offense has been potent all season.  I mean Kansas State had a backup quarterback in.  To be fair, I think he is better than the starter.  Kansas State said "No Candy for You” and won big 48-0.  Elsewhere in the Big 12, Baylor traveled to Lubbock to take on Texas Tech.  It was a close game until the fourth quarter and Baylor just opened up a can of "you know what” and scored three touchdowns in the last quarter with one being a pick-six.  Final score in that game was 45-17. 


This weekend had the potential of some big upsets.  Ohio State struggled with Penn State for most of the game and then Penn State started to implode. Then the Buckeyes were able to capitalize off of any mistakes the Nittany Lions were willing to cough up.  Buckeyes improved to 8-0 and take on Northwestern next week.  I imagine they can sleepwalk through that game. 


Florida gave Georgia a hand full in the third quarter by outscoring them 21-7 but it was still not enough to overcome the 28-3 deficit they had going into halftime.  Georgia easily won 42-20 and will face off against a high-octane offense in Tennessee this weekend that just beat Kentucky 44-6.  It is in Athens so homefield advantage MAY play a factor. 


After starting off 6-0, Syracuse has lost two games in a row.  If you thought Syracuse’s pick six to start the game was any indicator of how the game would go, you were right.  Syracuse did come within a touchdown late in the third quarter but the Notre Dame Irish outscored them 17-7 to end the game with a final of 41-24. 


After watching the Arkansas and Auburn, I think we have all learned a lesson.  DON’T COUNT ON AN AUBURN WIN.  I knew the chances of them winning were very slim but I wanted the upset and lost.  I won’t make that mistake again.  It is just not their year.  I just thought "Surely, they won’t lose four games in a row, right?  Yeah, they did.  With Miss St, Texas A&M, Alabama, and Western Kentucky left on the schedule, it is highly unlikely Auburn will make a bowl game this year. 


That UCF and Cincinnati game got exciting at the end.  With it being 50/50 on the picks, I am sure we were all on the edge of seat to see who would come out on top.  After Cincinnati scored a late touchdown with just over three minutes left in the game that put them up by three points, UCF came storming back and scored their own touchdown in less than a minute to retake the lead and ultimately won 25-21. 


Despite being 3-5 Texas A&M is finally getting an offense.  They had a total of 480 offensive yards and scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter to make it a game.  Simply put, there wasn’t enough time on the clock left and Ole Miss won 31-28.  With only one loss, North Carolina keeps finding ways to win.  Pitt was up 24-21 at the end of the third quarter but the Tarheels went on to score 21 unanswered points to win 42-24.  It was ugly for Pitt late in the game. 



FUN FACT:  They just fired Auburn head coach Brian Harsin.  True Story.  Look it up if you don’t believe me. 

On to the pick’ems…

David gave us a few freebies this week with Ohio State, Tennessee and Georgia.  Though no fault of his own, it was slim pickens.  But, the top five spots this weekend were separated by a point.  Sam is trying to make his way out of the gutter and is only 11 points from 8th place.  That is scary considering he is in 11th place.  It could be ugly if a nine year old passes a few adults. 

David fell back two more points from first place and probably feels like air deflating as I stretch further away. But this week may be my downfall.  I am due for a bad week.  I don’t know how long I can handle the pressure at the top.  Time will tell. 

There was no shifting in the rankings other than Cindy and Megan are no longer tied.  It seems as if everyone has found their spot and is content with where they stand.  If you don’t like what I just said, then prove it on the picks.  Megan and Cindy still can’t decide on who wants to take fourth place and keep battling it out week to week. 

Adam was able to gain a few points on David but still is 7 points from second place.  After Mike had two weeks finishing in the top two, he took a hard hit with only 39 points.  That was something he was not able to afford, but like Auburn, he did.  Stemple had another low scoring week.  I think something has him distracted or he is just going for upsets at this point.  Or David could just be sabotaging his picks like he does to Adam.  Stemple, if you are reading this, please let me know you are okay and David has not messed with your picks.  HEHE!

Mom and Marc still can’t catch a break. Although Marc scored 42, he still managed to find himself stuck in 8th place for the week.  With only a handful of weeks left to play, everyone must bring his or her ‘A’ Game to catch up if you are behind. 

Most points for the week:  I think hell has frozen over.  Sam somehow nailed 51 points.  He was talking a bunch of smack the next morning.  Sorry son, you are still next to last but are 3 points from passing Sean.  This could get interesting quickly if Sam has another good week.  Chances of that happening?  .0000001%

Least points for the week:  Even though 36 points is not terrible, it still wasn’t good as eight of us scored at least 40 points.   Noah seems to be falling further behind. 

Best pick of the week:   Megan nailing the Kansas State game meant some people lost big points on Oklahoma State. 

Worst pick of the week:  I am going to circle back to the Oklahoma State and K State game.  BAD things ALWAYS happen in Manhattan, Kansas when ranked teams go there to play.  David warned you in an email.  If you pay attention to football, it happens every year there no matter how good or bad the Wildcats are.  If you put more than 4 points on that game, SHAME ON YOU!

Here are the rankings:

1.Wendi - 369 points

2.David - 366 points

3.Adam - 359 points

4.Megan - 346 points

5.Cindy - 342 points

6.Mike - 336 points

7.Marc - 331 points

8.Evelyn - 323 points

9.Stemple - 318 points

10.Sean - 315 points

11.Sam - 312 points

12. Noah - 285 points


Good luck this week!  There is an 84-point difference from first to last.