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Oct 31
posted by David on 10/31/2022 01:58 PM

Happy Halloween

Written by Wendi


Halloween sure did come early for Oklahoma State.  I mean how in the heck did they faceplant and leave the game with a big fat ZERO on the scoreboard. The Cowboy offense has been potent all season.  I mean Kansas State had a backup quarterback in.  To be fair, I think he is better than the starter.  Kansas State said "No Candy for You” and won big 48-0.  Elsewhere in the Big 12, Baylor traveled to Lubbock to take on Texas Tech.  It was a close game until the fourth quarter and Baylor just opened up a can of "you know what” and scored three touchdowns in the last quarter with one being a pick-six.  Final score in that game was 45-17. 


This weekend had the potential of some big upsets.  Ohio State struggled with Penn State for most of the game and ...