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Nov 21
posted by David on 11/21/2022 10:45 AM

Happy Thanksgiving

Written by Wendi


A lot of these games were too close for my comfort.  I am sure you thought the same thing throughout the day on Saturday. 


Down by 8 points late in the fourth quarter against Pittsburg, Duke managed to score a touchdown and converted a two-point conversion to make it a two point game.  An onside kick was coming with 49 seconds left to go.  For those who picked Pittsburg, it was "Ok Pitt, you have one job”.  Pitt did its job and won 28-26. 


In a thrilling end to the TCU and Baylor game, I am sure we all thought that TCU would not get lined up that quickly and get the snap off in time to make the field goal with zero timeouts.  But, they did as time expired and the field goal was good.  That kept TCU undefeated and launched ...