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Dec 6
posted by David on 12/06/2021 11:34 AM

"If You Aren’t First, You Are Last Ricky Bobby”

Written by Wendi


Well in the interests of the seniors for Michigan who decided to stay their final year, it paid off.  Michigan went out to dominate Iowa in the Big Ten Championship game 42-3.  After many (including myself) thought that they would lay an egg after the emotional win of Ohio State.  Luckily they did not and they are now playoff bound to match up against Georgia in the Orange Bowl.  Anyone want to go big on Michigan? 


We all thought that Georgia would beat the breaks off of Alabama with the rate Alabama had been playing.  But as in Nick Saban fashion, he came out blazing and never stopped.  Alabama went on to beat them 41-24. Georgia looked mediocre.  But in all reality, they have not really played anyone.  Sure they beat #8 ranked Arkansas at the ...