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Aug 16
posted by David on 08/16/2021 10:00 AM

‘The Previous Play is Under Review’ is the rebranded weekly review that recaps the prior week of college football and also recaps how each of us fared with the weekly picks in a comically dark manner.

Fall camp is underway at each university which signals the return of college football. This is the time where hopes and dreams of winning conference championships, national championships, or even pick’ems are born. This is the part of the season where every team, player, fan, and even pick’ems participants believe they have a shot at winning it all. That is of course, until the games begin.

After week 1, half of the college football teams will have one loss. With that loss, championship aspirations also fade. After week 1, it’s likely some of us will have a disappointing week in picks which may be difficult to overcome. At least initially. And if you are ...